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  • Hardware Support

  • Hard Drives
    Printers and Scanners
    CD And DVD Drives
    Power Supplies

  • Installs and Upgrades

  • Installation and configuration of windows software, including Microsoft VISTA.
    Installation and set up of internet and e-mail accounts
    Installation of internet security and antivirus software
    Installation and configuration of new PC or relocated PC
    Addition of new PC onto networks
    Installation of new or replacement cards into PC
    Installation and configuration of peripherals including printers, scanners, cameras etc
    Identify hardware requierments.
    Data Setting Transfers

  • Software Support

  • Applications
    Windows Startup Programs using Windows Defender

  • Networking

  • Setup Wireless Network
    File and Printer Sharing
    DSL/Cable Modem Setup
    Internet Connection Sharing

  • System Protection / Internet Security

  • User Accounts
    Parental Controls
    Phishing Filters
    Windows Firewall

  • Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

  • Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Clean Out Dust From Case And Fans
    Removal of viruses
    Removing temporary and redundant files
    Removing temporary internet files
    Using windows tools to clean up hard disks and improve PC Speed
    Rebuilding of corrupt systems after rescuing data

  • Data Services

  • Setting up backup procedures to keep data secure
    Archiving old data
  • Computer Training / Tutoring

  • PC Help